10th / 11th Grade 2018

Grade Coordinator

10th & 11th Grade In house Victoria Halford                      Email - 021 635 177

10th Grade AFF Boys Jason Barnes                                   Email - 021 516 185

11th Grade AFF  Boys Simon Hilton                                  Email  - 021 781 781


Boys born in 2007 / 2008


10/11th grade has two leagues: Click here for In-House Rules

  • Club Auckland Football Federation (AFF) representative teams:

The AFF representative league is competitive, representative soccer playing all over Auckland against other AFF clubs. Trials are held at the beginning of each season to identify which players will represent the club.

Any players selected to a an AFF team must commit to two training sessions a week to play at this level.

The 10th grade AFF teams are trained by Billy Harris.

The 11th grade AFF teams are trained by TBH.

In-house teams

This year the Inhouse competition will be played at a time that doesn't conflict with AFF 10/11th grade leagues. This will take place on Saturday afternoon at 1:45pm for 10th grade and 2:45pm for 11th grade either at Glover Park or Madills Farm. This will enable AFF players to continue to play with friends in the inhouse league as well as AFF competitions. Our first game will be Saturday 5th May with the last game scheduled for 8th September 2018. This will give us a lengthy season of up to 18 games. There will be no games on the 14th / 21st July.


Our 2018 Grade Identification/Trial process for 10th - 19th grade is in the form of the Pre Season Program.  

From these trainings, players will be put into the appropriate Academy/Rep, AFF or Metro/Conference teams.

Those players who were selected and allocated into a AFF last year need to attend the Pre Season Program as top teams will only be selected from the Pre Season Program.

Boys and Girls trials are held together by Grade.

  • Players must register online as a member if they intend to trial.
  • The purpose of the trial is to identify which players would be considered for our top teams.
  • The number of Top teams is different depending on the grade.

Please also note.

  • Each of the top teams will have team training sessions with their professional          coach WHICH IS AN ADDITIONAL COST

Attending these sessions is a commitment that is required in order to play in one of our top teams.  If you can’t commit to this then you need to urgently advise you’re Coach and we will find you an alternative team. 


Glover Park, Crossfields Reserve and Madills Farm 


The teams play on up to 1/2 of a normal pitch with small goals.

Games are 25 minutes each way.

Offside rule is NOT played (discretion is required should blatant offside become habitual).

The club does not tolerate dirty play or poor sports - this includes parents and supporters.


Each team has eight to ten players and plays 7 v 7 games

For our inhouse league teams play 7 a side with squads of 7 or 8 and depending on numbers possibly 9.


All players play in the game at the same time. If one team has more players that the opposition then they can either play with a substitute, or give the opposition a player for half a game. If one team has two more players than the opposition then they must give them a player for the whole game. (This would be a different player in each half) If a team has three or more players than the opposition, then you balance them as fairly as possible.


Within our In-house League we put friends in the same team wherever possible.


Inhouse teams:
The first game is Saturday 5th May. The last game is Saturday Sept 8th. We play the first Saturday of the school holidays, but not the middle or last Saturday (i.e. no game on Saturday 14th / 21st July. )

Tournament for In-house teams: This will take place at Madills Farm on Sunday May 27th from 1:00pm - 4:00pm for the 10th Grade. Another will take place at Madills Farm on Sunday July 1st from 9:00am - 12:00pm for the 11th Grade. All teams are expected to participate and at the conclusion of games there will be a prize giving.

Some AFF teams are required to play the last Saturday or Public School holidays- please check the draw for confirmation.

AFF Representative Football kicks off on Saturday April 1st  There will be games on the first and last Saturdays of the school holidays. The season finishes at the end of August.



AFF Representative Teams are expected to train twice per week. In house teams train once a week if the coach is able to arrange time for training.

A Youth training schedule for the top teams in each grade down at Madills & Glover & Crossfields to find the most update Schedule click on Coaching  which can be found on the top of the tool bar

Game Rules

Click the following links for AFF Rules (please note these may be updated, the below are 2016 versions)

[Boys 11th-12th Grades]

[Boys 9th-10th / Girls 11th-12th Grades]

Click here for the indepth In-house League rules. Please read below for a few additional specific rules.

There are some ground rules specific to Artificial Turf Surfaces which must be adherred to.

  1. Coaches and players only on the playing surface
  2. Boots or shoes must be clean and no metal studs
  3. No chewing gum, food or liquids other than water on the field
  4. No smoking around the field

Games will be started by the "Hooter" as will halftime, the second half and the end of the game. As soon as your game finishes please leave the field as there is another game starting 5 mins after yours. Halftime is only 5 mins. The team playing after the hooter has sounded is allowed on the field as soon as the hooter goes. That is the end of the game!

Goalkeepers in open play may only throw the ball. They can not kick it from their hands. For goal kicks off the ground the opposition must retreat to halfway. There are no offsides in 10th or 11th grade.

Teams that play the first game at 8:30, please arrive early and put the goals in place. Teams that play the last game, please put the goals away. Max will be there to show you where they go. 


Club rep team players  players will need their own:

  • White Eastern Suburbs shirt
  • Black Eastern Suburbs Shirt
  • White Eastern Suburbs shorts
  • White Eastern Suburbs socks
  • Shin pads (all players must wear shin pads)
  • Boots
  • Club Jacket

Club In-house league players will need their own:

  • White Eastern Suburbs shirt
  • Black Eastern Suburbs Shirt
  • White Eastern Suburbs shorts
  • White Eastern Suburbs socks
  • Shin pads (all players must wear shin pads)
  • Boots


$225 for the season. Earlybird discount of $20 if paid before 1st March 2018

As extra coaching and tuition is given to the AFF teams a further (nominal) fee will apply.

Family discount: From the third playing member (including the third) there is a discount of $70 per player on the registration fee.

Parental involvement

Each team needs a coach and a manager.

Someone from each team needs to referee 1/2 a game.

When playing at a home ground - Glover Park or Crossfields Reserve - each team is to put up and take down the goals and nets.