Moreton's 12th Grade and 13th Grade Boys 2018

Grade Coordinator

12th Grade Inhouse Simon Hilton       - Email  - 021 929 067

12th Grade AFF Boys Simon Hilton -     Email -  021 929 067

13th Grade In-house Tania Cosham -    Email -  021 379113

13th Grade AFF Boys Jo Prasad          - Email  - 021 126 538



Boys who were born in 2005/6


12th / 13th grade has two leagues:

  • Club Auckland Football Federation (AFF) representative teams:

The AFF representative league is competitive, representative soccer playing all over Auckland against other AFF clubs. Trials are held at the beginning of each season to identify which players will represent the club.

Any players selected to a an AFF team must commit to two training sessions a week to play at this level.

The 12th grade AFF teams are trained by Jesus Bueno twice a week.

The 13th grade AFF teams are trained by Matt Maslak twice a week.

  • Inhouse teams 12 and 13th grade

This year the 13th Grade Inhouse competition will be played on a Friday night at 6:00pm at Ngahue,  so that it that doesn't conflict with AFF 12th / 13th grade leagues. The 12th grade games will be held on Saturday afternoon at Glover Park at 3:45pm


Tournament for In-house teams: This will take place at Madills Farm on Sunday July 1st from 1:00pm - 4:00pm for the 12th Grade.

This will take place at Madills Farm on Sunday June 10th from 1:00pm - 4:00pm for the 13th Grade. All teams are expected to participate and at the conclusion of games there will be a prize giving.


Moreton's 12th Grade InHouse League:

This will take place for 12th grade on Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm. 

Each week a twelfth grade team will be awarded the 12th grade team of the week. That team will be supplied with a free meal voucher for each of its playing members, to be redeemed at Moretons in St Heliers. The team of the week will be announced after each weeks games on the following Monday. The vouchers will be made available at their game the following Saturday.

13th Grade InHouse League:

The 13th grade inhouse will take place on a Friday evening between 5:30pm and 7:30pm


This inhouse league structure will enable AFF players to continue to play with friends in the inhouse league as well as AFF competitions. 

The first game is Friday 4th May. The last game is Friday Sept 7th. We play the first Saturday of the school holidays, but not the middle or last Saturday (i.e. no game on Friday 13th / 20th July. )


Our 2018 Grade Identification/Trial process for 10th - 19th grade is in the form of the Pre Season Program.  

From these trainings, players will be put into the appropriate Academy/Rep, AFF or Metro/Conference teams.

Those players who were selected and allocated into a AFF last year need to attend the Pre Season Program as top teams will only be selected from the Pre Season Program.

Boys and Girls trials are held together by Grade.

·         Players must register online as a member if they intend to trial.

·         The purpose of the trial is to identify which players would be considered for our top teams.

·         The number of Top teams is different depending on the grade.

Please also note…

·         Each of the top teams will have team training sessions with their professional coach WHICH IS AN ADDITIONAL COST

Attending these sessions is a commitment that is required in order to play in one of our top teams.  If you can’t commit to this then you need to urgently advise you’re Coach and we will find you an alternative team. 


For Auckland-wide Auckland Football Federation (AFF) competition, one week you will play at home against a visiting club team and the next week you will play away at different club somewhere else in Auckland.

The season is split into two sections.  A Grading round and a Championship round.

This purpose of the grading round is to ensure teams of equal ability are playing against each other.  It starts with each club recommending a division for their teams for the grading round. The grading round will last for 7 or so games. 

If a team wins their Grading Round games by plenty (or loses by plenty), they will probably get moved to the next higher or lower grade for the subsequent Championship Round. That way, teams face good competition week in week out.

Points scored in the Grading Round don’t count in the Championship Round. The points table gets re-set to zero after the Grading Round.

Cancelations are notified on the Auckland Football Federation website.

Offside rule is played.

Teams play 9 aside on a half a pitch and up to 3 playing reserves playing 12th grade

Teams play 11 aside on a full pitch and up to 3 playing reserves playing 13th grade

Click here for more details on the AFF rules.

For Inhouse teams 

The teams play on up to 1/2 of a normal pitch with small goals.

Games are 25 minutes each way.

Offside rule is NOT played (discretion is required should blatant offside become habitual).

The club does not tolerate dirty play or poor sports - this includes parents and supporters.

Teams play 7 a side with squads of 7 or 8 and depending on numbers possibly 9.


All players play in the game at the same time. If one team has more players that the opposition then they can either play with a substitute, or give the opposition a player for half a game. If one team has two more players than the opposition then they must give them a player for the whole game. (This would be a different player in each half) If a team has three or more players than the opposition, then you balance them as fairly as possible.


Within our In-house League we put friends in the same team wherever possible .


For our inhouse league teams play 7 a side with squads of 7-8 and depending on numbers possibly 9.

Rolling subs are allowed throughout the game

Within our In-house League we put friends in the same team wherever possible .

AFF teams play 9-a-side for 12th grade and 11-a-side for 13th grade. We put together squads of 11 or 12


AFF Representative Football kicks off on Saturday May 5th. There will be games on the first and last Saturdays of the school holidays. The season finishes at the end of August.


AFF Representative Teams are expected to train twice per week. In house teams train once a week if the coach is able to arrange time for training.

A Youth training schedule for the top teams in each grade down at Madills & Glover & Crossfields to find the most update Schedule click on Coaching  which can be found on the top of the tool bar


 AFF team players  players will need their own: 

  • White Eastern Suburbs shirt
  • Black Eastern Suburbs Shirt
  • White Eastern Suburbs shorts
  • White Eastern Suburbs socks
  • Eastern Suburbs Jacket
  • Shin pads (all players must wear shin pads)
  • Boots
  • Club Jacket (optional)
  • Tracksuit (optional)

 Inhouse team players  players will need their own: 

  • White Eastern Suburbs shirt
  • Black Eastern Suburbs Shirt
  • White Eastern Suburbs shorts
  • White Eastern Suburbs socks
  • Shin pads (all players must wear shin pads)
  • Boots

Parental involvement

Each team operates with a Coach and a Manager.

When playing at a home ground each team is to put up and take down the goals and nets.


$225 for the season. Earlybird discount of $20 if paid before 1st March 2018

(Note that enrollment is subject to availability of team places)

Family discount: From the third playing member (including the third) there is a discount of $70 per player on the registration fee.