8th / Palermo's 9th Grade Boys 2018


Grade Coordinator

8th Grade Boys Sarah Chapman Email 021 498 965

9th Grade Boys Janak de Zoysa Email 021 779 224

Weekly Draw

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Boys born 2009/2010.

Where and when

8th grade plays at Madills Farm on Saturday mornings at 10.55am. Palermo's 9th grade boys play at Madills Farm at 11:50am.

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The teams play on 1/4 of a standard pitch with small goals.
Games are 20 minutes long with 2 games played each morning. There is a 10 minute break between games.
The games are played with a size 4 soccer ball.


•There are no offsides.
•All players play in the game at the same time. If one team has more players that the opposition then they can either play with a substitute, or give the opposition a player for half a game. If one team has two more players than the opposition then they must give them a player for the whole game. (This would be a different player in each half) If a team has three or more players than the opposition, then you balance them as fairly as possible.
•Refereeing is undertaken by the team coaches, both on the field at the same time. Referees do more encouraging than refereeing. The referee's decision is final.
•At this level throw-ins and corners are taken.
Players are encouraged to throw the ball correctly, incorrect throws are retaken.
•For goal kicks the goalie kicks the ball from the ground.
•All opposition players must retreat to half way for goal kicks
•Free kicks are awarded for offences such as pushing, tripping or holding another player.
•Handball is only penalised if blatant and intentional.
•Bad language or dissent is not tolerated.
•Parents are not allowed to stand behind the goals or directly alongside. Leave a good 2 metre gap between spectators and the goalposts.
•The club does not tolerate dirty play or poor sports - this includes parents and supporters.

Boys Junior Academy Trials

8th Grade Boys 

Our 2018 Grade Identification/Trial process for 8th to get into a Rep Team : signing up for the Pre Season preferred but we will also hold a trial at the end of Term 1 Date and Time TBA.

9th Grade Boys

Our 2018 Grade Identification/Trial process for 9th  grade is in the form of the Pre Season Program.  

From these trainings, players will be put into the appropriate Academy/Rep Or AFF Team

Whatever Rep team you were in last year please sign up for the appropriate training session. If you weren’t in a Rep team but like to Trial out then choose B/G training time session. To Trial out for AFF Team or Rep Team you have to attend 1 of the training sessions

Please Note: Players will be asked to move training groups depending on ability, as it's only a starting point for our coaches to assess their ability.

Please also note.

  • Each of the top teams will have team training sessions with their professional          coach WHICH IS AN ADDITIONAL COST

Attending these sessions is a commitment that is required in order to play in one of our top teams.  If you can’t commit to this then you need to urgently advise you’re Coach and we will find you an alternative team. 



Each team has 6-7 members. Please do not request an additional member as "sub" or for any other reason. This request will be declined.
Where possible we put friends in the same team but cannot guarantee this. Teams will be announced during the last week of the April school holidays. Teams may only be allowed one rep player.


The first game is Saturday 5th May. The last game and gala day, with rides and activities for the kids, is Saturday Sept 8th. We play the first Saturday of the school holidays, but not the middle or last Saturday (i.e. no game on Saturday 14th / 21st July. )

There is a Tournament on Sunday June 17th for the 8th Grade and Sunday June 10th for the 9th Grade. Both  tournaments at Madills Farm will start at 9:00am and prize giving will be complete by 12:00pm. All teams are expected to participate. 


A decision on canceling any games is made early on game day and the Junior Cancellation line is updated by 7am - alternatively, cancellations will be notified to those with the ESAFC App, download it for iOS or Andriod from the App and Play Store (free of charge).

The Junior Cancellation line number is 083 221 479.

If games are on but weather is expected to be cold, windy and/or possibly a little wet then do dress warm and keep dry. Players can wear any number of layers underneath their shirts, a wooly or polyprop undershirt works great, or even a rain coat. Wooly hats are good too. Remember to keep yourself and siblings warm too, gumboots will keep your feet dry.

Click here for the current weather forecast.


Players have no formal team coaching organised by the club. The team coach may choose to organise training sessions, but he/she is not obliged to. Players are encouraged to enroll in the “Soccer Stars” coaching program.

Rep Football

As stated earlier, players can play up a grade, but not down. Almost all players play in their correct grade, but a few play up for a variety of reasons. If you feel your child is well above average ability, we have a rep system in place to cater for these players. This year if there is room in the 7/8/9 th grades, a rep team from the grade below will be included in the draw. The 9th grade may well enter three teams in the Auckland Football 9th grade league.This enables the elite players from a younger age group to compete at a higher level. We will run trials prior to the season starting to select the rep players.We will also monitor the progress of potentially elite players throughout the season, with the assistance of a variety of helpers. If you feel your child may fit into this category, please attend the trials initially. If your child is not selected, there will be other opportunities which you will be contacted about.

These rep players also attend tournaments at other clubs on a variety of Sundays during the season.

Please also note…

  • Reps will be playing as a Rep team in the 9th grade straight after they have played with their friends in the 8th grade (so 4 x 1/2 games on Saturdays)
  • Reps will have a Skill Builders training session on Fridays
  • Reps will have a second training session (Monday or Thursday) with Billy Harris and Fast Freddy

 Attending both these sessions is a commitment that is required in order to play in one of the 3 rep teams.  If you can’t commit to this then you need to urgently advise me and we will find you an alternative team.

Simon Hilton - ESAFC Junior Chairman - Email


Players need their own - These can only be purchased from the club online.

  • White Eastern Suburbs shirt
  • Black Eastern Suburbs Shirt
  • Boots
  • White Eastern Suburbs shorts
  • White Eastern Suburbs socks
  • shin pads (all players must wear shin pads)
  • Jacket (optional)

Parental involvement

Each team needs a coach and a manager. During the game each team has a coach on the pitch refereeing the game. Other team parents are rostered to set up and take down the goals for the games and bring the half-time oranges. Parents and supporters must stand outside the main pitch lines to reduce damage to the field.


$160 for the season

Enrol before 1 March and enjoy a $20 earlybird discount.

Family discount: From the third playing member (including the third) there is a discount of $70 per player on the registration fee.

Playing up a grade

Players are encouraged to play in their correct grade however occasionally exceptions are made. Players cannot play below their age level. In the Youth grades (10th grade and up) players must play in their correct age group which is why we encourage players to slot into their correct grade as early as possible.