Cancellation Info

 Junior / YOUTH In-HOuse  Cancellations 

The Junior and Youth In-House  Cancellation line number is 083 221479 (for Saturday games will be updated after 7am)

NOTE - This is also the number you should contact for training cancellations after 2.30pm

Youth Cancellations

The Youth Cancellation Line Number for Training is 083 221479 which will be updated after 2.30pm

If you go to the AFF draw on Friday after 5pm, AFF will have updated any cancellations.

Click here and then find your grade and appropriate league.

All Auckland Football Federation teams, irrespective of age group, refer to Auckland Football Federation website after 5pm on Friday preceding game. Late cancellations will be advised by your coach.

Club representative games (Auckland Football Federation)

Auckland Football Federation cancellations and late ground changes are advised on the Auckland Football Federation website at either on Fridays between 3.00PM and 5.00PM,