Future Reps 7-9 (2017)


Future Reps Training age 7-9 years olds Term 4 commencing 16th October  and finishes the week of 11th December  2017 starting at 4.00pm down at Madills Farm 

Future Rep Training  at Madills Farm  

FUTURE REPS ages 7-9

Costs $145 which includes Speed Training, Game structure and Skill Builders 

The Course will be one price which will include all 3 training Sessions in one sitting for $125 if you pay before the start date, after that it will cost $145.

  • 7/8/9th Grade Future Reps Tuesday  at 4.00pm to 5.30pm  (Speed Training/ Game Structure/ Skill Builders ) Madills Farm 

Please click here and follow the instructions and link to register online for Future Reps