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For information about a particular grade, please click on the relevant age grade for your child on the yellow menu on the right. Your child’s grade is the age they turn this calendar grade (i.e. turns 13 this year = 13th Grade).

Please read the information on that page, answers to most questions can be found on our website but in the unlikely event where you can’t find what you’re looking for, please...

  • Check your grade page on the Website
  • Contact your Coach
  • Contact your Grade Coordinator


Sunday June 24th    10/11/12th Grade Girls     Madills Farm 1:00pm - 4:00pm


Our 2018 Grade Identification/Trial process for 10th - 17th grade is in the form of the Pre Season Program.  

From these trainings, players will be put into the appropriate Academy/Rep, AFF or Metro/Conference teams.

Those players who where selected and allocated into an AFF league team last year need to attend the Pre Season Program as top teams will only be selected from the Pre Season Program.

Girls trials are held by Grade.

  • Players must register online as a member if they intend to trial.
  • The purpose of the trial is to identify which players would be considered for our top teams.
  • The number of Top teams is different depending on the grade.

Please also note…

  • Each of the top teams will have team training sessions with their professional coach 

Attending these sessions is a commitment that is required in order to play in one of our top teams.  If you can’t commit to this then you need to urgently advise you’re Coach and we will find you an alternative team. 

For those players who attended but are not identified below, thank you for taking the time and making the effort.  While you may not have made one of the top teams this time there is no reason why you can’t in the future if you keep playing and working on your game. 

We will be posting the remaining teams in due course and your Grade Coordinator will be in touch with your team once registrations close.


Our philosophy at Suburbs and with youth is to become recognised as a high quality service provider that has the capability to increase the participation, quality and enjoyment of football players at all levels in the game through creating high quality coaching and playing environments.

Our aim is:

  • To encourage pride and a sense of belonging in the club, its predecessors and successors.
  • To provide an organisational structure that is robust, progressive and sustainable.
  • To provide a youth section operation that is financially sound.
  • To promote team spirit and sportsmanship.
  • To achieve high levels of player retention.
  • To encourage the support of the members, their families, local schools and businesses to assist with the club operations on and off the playing fields.
  • To ensure that the club develops representative players.
  • To promote, support and prepare our players and teams in the club to achieve success in league and tournament competition. 

To promote, support and prepare our best players for Eastern Suburbs Youth, Senior Football, Auckland Federation Development Programmes, NZFC Youth Academies and potentially international football environments. 


Our Youth Academy primarily runs in Terms 1- 4 with separate groups running at the same time.

  • Our Elite Group
  • Our Development Group
  • Our Goalkeeper Group

Our Academy is an exciting development for Suburbs as it enables us to provide a high quality development opportunity to a lot more players in our community than ever before.

For more details please email our Youth Chairman, Michael Cahir - email 

Or our Girls / Womens Delegate James Page email


Pre-season Training commences the week 5th February 2018


If you would like to create your own Youth Team website and store it here, please do.  To see some examples please click here 


 ESAFC Youth is run by the ESAFC Youth Committee.  This committee is essentially made up of the different Grade Coordinators. Our role as a committee is to provide the right balance of product and services to the different types of players that exist.


We look forward to an exciting 2018 season. 



Youth Chair Michael Cahir email 021 2431026
Girls / Womens James Page email 021 241 9563