Juniors: 5th & 6th                                 2022




At ESAFC we run four pathways which encompass both our training sessions and games

  1. In-House: Games for players aged 5 - 14 who are new to football or looking to play socially without the added commitment of training. Players register as individuals through our clubhub system, and then teams are allocated by our volunteer grade coordinators. Games are played on Saturday mornings against other ESAFC teams for the duration of the winter football season.


  1. ESAFC PLUS+: NZ Football accredited training programme designed and coached by Community Officer Stephen Hoyle with a range of qualified coaches. The programme is available to all players in grades 4-8. This programme is aimed at accelerating development and unlocking potential as players advance towards Junior and Youth football at Eastern Suburbs. The programme focuses on our ESAFC values and football philosophy, stemming from our first teams through to all junior and youth members. ESAFC PLUS+ will be taught at an age appropriate level and offer all players maximum participation in a fun station-rotation format as they begin to fall in love with the beautiful game.


  1. Development Programme: Training programme designed for players 9th Grade and up who are starting to get into their football and want to train and play with their team each week. Development players must commit to two trainings over the Winter season and will compete with their team, either up a grade in the ESAFC In-House leagues or in an AFF competition depending on their age. Each training session is run by a qualified ESAFC coach under the same philosophies found in our Academy programme. Teams are selected during Term 1 Preseason training, as we feel this gives the coaches a better idea of players and where they are best fit within their own development.


  1. ESAFC Academy: Training programme designed for players 9th Grade and up who are committed to the game and their individual development, wanting to train and play at the highest of their ability. Over the Winter season, Academy players must commit to three training sessions per week as well as playing with their team each weekend in an AFF/NRF competition. Each training session is run by a professional coach under NZF Skill Centre/Talent Development Programme guidelines. Teams are selected during Term 1 Preseason training, as we feel this gives the coaches a better idea of players and where they are best fit within their own development.


2022 Registrations open Monday 10th January



All players pay a subscription (membership) fee of $185. Pay before the 1st March and receive an Early Bird Discount.

Family Discount of $70 is available from the 3rd playing member in each family

All players need their own uniform, available from the ESAFC shop at Madills Farm;

  • White ESAFC Shirt
  • Black ESAFC Shirt
  • White ESAFC Shorts
  • White ESAFC Socks
  • Football Boots
  • Shin Pads




All In-House (IH) players must pay a Winter Subscription fee and register on our Winter ClubHub database. You may request to be in a team with friends as part of the registration process, but all teams created at the discretion of our fabulous volunteer Grade Coordinators.


In-House Season starting May 7th and finishing September 10th with Gala Day @ Madills Farm


All in-house players must be registered before the close-off date Thursday 14th April 2022


Each in-house grade from 7th and up will also have a Festival Day throughout the season


Grade Coordinators

5th Grade Mixed

Isabella Ruffell


021 162 5871

6th Grade Mixed

Isabella Ruffell


021 162 5871




  • 5th Grade boys & girls born 2017
  • 6th Grade boys & girls born 2016



5th & 6th grade games are at Madills Farm on Saturday mornings

  • Game 1 at 8:15am and Game 2 at 8:40am


There will be no in-house on the middle or last weekends of the school holidays. Games will be played as normal on the first weekend of the holidays.


CLICK HERE for Madills Farm pitch map



Teams play on 1/8 of a standard pitch, with small goals

Games are 20 minutes long with a 5-minute break between games

Games are played with a size 3 football





Each team has approximately 5 members and are allocated by the grade coordinators. Team requests can be made on your registration form, but please be aware that you may not always get your requested team.



Each in-house team requires volunteers for coach and manager, with other parents rostered to set up and take down the goals. We encourage teams to organise their own training sessions throughout the week to prepare for game day.

All parents/spectators (excluding coach) are expected to stay outside of the pitch lines during games to avoid damage to the grounds.





Term 1 2022 commencing the week of 7th February and finishing 14th April

Term 2 2022 commencing the week of 2nd May and finishing 8th July

Term 3 2022 commencing the week of 25th July and finishing 30th September


Term 4 2022 commencing the week of 17th October and finishing 16th December


To register for Term 4 training, please use our SUMMER CLUBHUB - you will need to create a new username and password, as the two systems are not linked




For 5th and 6th grade players, the best training option is Grades 4-6 First Kicks – for more information and to register, CLICK HERE


For advanced 6th grade players there is also the option to attend Grades 7/8 Fun Football at Madills Farm – CLICK HERE – at the club’s discretion. If you believe your child may qualify for this option, please contact our administration team.