ESAFC Coaching On Demand


29 March 2020


In response to the potentially trying lockdown weeks ahead, Eastern Suburbs has just launched an online coaching initiative titled ‘ESAFC Coaching On Demand’. The programme is designed to deliver valuable coaching video content which will work for our members within the constraints we currently face.


The programme’s content has been has been developed by our outstanding team of coaches and is overseen by our Club’s Director of Football: Tony Readings. The content includes ‘Strength & Conditioning’ (with Sunz Singh), football skills, ball mastery, fun challenges, football homework and much more.


The ‘ESAFC Coaching On Demand’ programme provides a number of benefits to our members, including:

  • A physical outlet and means to continue developing each individuals football skills and fitness
  • An opportunity for siblings and family members to work together & play together
  • Social connection during a time where we will be physically separation and isolated


By now you would have, or are about to receive an e mail from the Club providing more detail on the programme. As we are now live with the announcement by Tony Readings, check it out on this link:


We will post our first strength and conditioning content and from next Monday (30th March), we will be posting age specific content each and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and during the weekends we will be post some fun challenges and activities.


Both myself and the Club members who have developed the ‘ESAFC Coaching On Demand’ concept are excited the programme will positively impact all of our members, not only during the ‘interesting’ next four weeks ahead, but as an ongoing tool providing enhanced development and enjoyment to all of our members.


Regards and keep safe.

Chris Ruffell (EASFC Chairman)