Holiday Programme @ Madills Farm                 


Eastern Suburbs AFC run a series of coaching programmes throughout the school holidays. The skill builder holiday programme is a tactical programme with the focus on tactical principles that develop technical skills in a game scenario.


Some of the topics your child will learn are ball skills, control, dribbling, passing, beating players, jockeying, and tackling. Kids will develop technical skills, game understanding, decision making, and most importantly having fun!


To register for October or December holiday programme, please register through the SUMMER database - CLICK HERE


PLEASE NOTE: If you pay before the start date, you can mix and match which days you come to (i.e. purchase 1 weeks of holiday programme and use your 5 days across both weeks)



Please arrive at 8:45am to sign your child in. Half day clinics finish at 12pm, full day clinics finish at 3pm (you must sign your child out before they can leave for the day)


FEES PER DAY: $45 for 1 half day (9am – 12pm), or $65 for 1 full day (9am – 3pm)

FEES PER WEEK: $150 for 5 half days (9am – 12pm), or $220 for 5 full days (9am – 3pm)



April Holidays

  • 1st Week: 14th April to 17th April 2020 ($120 for 4 half days or $180 for 4 full days)
  • 2nd Week: 20th April to 24th April 2020

July Holidays

  • 1st Week: 6th July to 10th July 2020
  • 2nd Week: 13th July to 17th July 2020

October Holidays

  • 1st Week: 28th September to 2nd October 2020
  • 2nd Week: 5th October to 9th October 2020

December Holidays (HALF DAYS ONLY)

  • 1st Week: 21st December to 24th December 2020