Men's Premier



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Preseason Matches:


6th June

  • v Manukau
  • Premier team kicks off at 3:00
  • Mangere


13th June:

  • v Waitakere City
  • Premiers kick-off at 3:00
  • Venue: TBA


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Men's Competition Format and Dates:

One Round Robin (11 matches), then split into top 6 / bottom 6 (for 5 more matches), points carry through from the round robin into the top 6 / bottom 6 comps. Total of 16 NRFL competition matches for the season.



Season Structure and Dates:

Saturday 20th June (Round 1)


Saturday 26th August – End of round robin (11 matches).


Saturday 5th September – Catch-up day. If no catch-up matches required, the first round of top 6 / bottom 6 matches will be played on 5th September.


If catch-up matches are required, the top 6 / bottom 6 matches will commence on Saturday12th September, concluding on Saturday10th October, with 17th October set aside as a further catch-up day if needed.


Chatham Cup:

There will be no knock out competitions this season, which includes the Chatham Cup



The new IFAB Law of the Game for substitutions has been adopted by the NRFL for the 2020 season – up to five permitted (not rolling) from five named substitutes. The substitutions to take place during a maximum of three substitution windows during the match (exclusive of halftime).