Our Coaches                                           


At Eastern Suburbs AFC, we pride ourselves on conducting training programmes in a safe, secure, and coach/player friendly environment. Our professional coaches will strive to ensure each player enjoys their football experience. All coaches and players will participate under the premise of respect for others and themselves.


Men’s Programme


Tony Readings

  • AFC Pro License


Tony Readings is the Director of Football at Eastern Suburbs AFC and overseas the Player Pathway across the club. Tony has a wealth of knowledge and experience, both in holistic player development and in high performance football. Prior to joining Eastern Suburbs in 2019, Tony has spent his career immersed in high performance environments where he has built, lead, and supported high performance teams and individuals. Most notably he achieved record breaking success as the Football Ferns Head Coach, attended three Senior World Cups and three Olympic Games, and is the only coach of a NZ side to reach the knock out rounds of a Senior FIFA event. Tony has most recently worked at High Performance Sport NZ, where he supported several Olympic sports in the area of High Performance Athlete Development.



Hoani Edwards

  • OFC/NZF A License (pending assessments)
  • NZF Junior Level 3


Hoani had a long domestic playing career in New Zealand with over 500 senior competitive matches (100 of which were for Eastern Suburbs AFC Premier Men’s team). Prior to that, Hoani represented NZ at age group level, playing for both the U17’s and U20’s. Through this experience, he has come to understand the sacrifice, commitment, and hard work that it takes to play football to the highest level. Hoani has since forged a pathway in coaching that has seen him cover all levels of the game, most notably the ESAFC Premier Men’s team and our National Youth League team. He also covers a range of grades within our Youth programme.



Kane Wintersgill

  • OFC/NZF A License (pending assessments)
  • NZF Junior Level 3


Kane is currently the Director of Football at Sacred Heart College. He is also the youngest coach to have obtained an OFC/NZF B License in the Southern Hemisphere, and the youngest technical staff member to attend a FIFA event. Kane travelled to Chile for the 2015 U17 World Cup, and more recently to India for the 2017 U17 world Cup. These facts, combined with Kane leading AFF to the National 16th Grade title in 2016, signify that he is one of the leading young coaches in the country. Kane currently takes the Head Coach role with our 12th Grade, 17th Grade, and NRFL Premier Reserves.



Michael Built

  • OFC/NZF A License (pending assessments)
  • NZF Junior Level 3


Michael Built made the shift to Eastern Suburbs AFC following a respected coach & playing career with the Hamilton Wanderers. As a coach, Michael took over the Head Coach role of the Hamilton Wanderers NRFL side in the late 2017 season, guiding them to safety when they looked destined for relegation. He also led them to a well-fought National Youth League title before relocating to Auckland. Prior to this, Michael gained professional coaching experience from Northampton Town & Bedford Town in England. As a player, Michael has a strong role within our NRFL and Premier League sides, as well as having represented New Zealand in the 2009 U17 World Cup and 2011 U20 World Cup. Michael currently oversees our 10th & 13th grade boys programmes.



Roy DSouza

  • OFC/NZF C License (pending assessment)
  • NZF Junior Level 3


Roy joined Eastern Suburbs in 2015 with the bulk of his experience from a player’s perspective, following a professional career spanning 5 years on Indian home soil. Roy is a current member of our NRFL Premier Men’s squad, and began coaching to supplement his career in the strength & conditioning industry. Because of this background, Roy has a strong knowledge of individual player development and is working hard to coach his players at the highest level. Roy currently has the unique opportunity to view players at both ends of our Player Development Programme, taking a lead role in 9th and 15th grade boys.



Zach Haydon

  • OFC/NZF C License (pending assessment)


Zach is one of our longest standing junior club members and began playing at Eastern Suburbs at the young age of four. Since then his passion for football has grown in to an aspiration for career, having played through the grades and begun coaching at age twelve. Following an unfortunate run of injuries Zach was forced to give up his dreams as a player and focus his abilities on becoming the most supportive and knowledgeable coach he can be, with the intentions of growing his players in to strong and successful individuals. Similar to Roy, Zach looks after players at both ends of the Eastern Suburbs Player Development Programme, coaching 9th and 15th grade boys.



Billy Harris

  • NZF Senior Level 3


Billy has been a full-time coach for over 20 years, with many notable achievements on his resume. Chief among those are coaching Central United to two Chatham Cup titles, and Westlake Boys High School to Auckland and National Championships. Billy is a strong believer in the importance of developing technical skills among junior and youth players. As a player, Billy spent 22 years in the National League, with brief professional stints in England and Belgium. He has been named NZ Player of the Year 3 times which signifies the quality he possessed as a player. These qualities have now strongly transferred in to his coaching prowess. Billy is now working with our 10th and 13th grade boys.



Adam Thomas

  • NZF/OFC C License (Part 1 completed)


Adam is a new addition to the club, and one of our National League squad members. As a professional coach we are lucky to have him onboard as he looks to share his experiences on the world stage with our top-level youth players. Alongside being a prominent player in clubs such as Melville United and Auckland City FC, Adam has made his debut throughout the age grades for the New Zealand All Whites (NZ U17’s, NZ U20’s, and the NZ U23 Olympic Team). Adam came to us from the Ole Academy, and has a great understanding of what it means to be dedicated and work hard. As a coach, he intends to pass this understanding on to his players as he pushes them to reach their goals. Adam is currently coaching our 17th grade Metro/Conference players.



Kingsley Sinclair

Kingsley came to Eastern Suburbs 2 years ago from Onehunga Sports due to his desire to play elite level football. He is currently a part of our NRFL Premier Men’s squad, as well as having a strong place in our National League squad. At only 17, Kingsley has already checked a number of prestigious moments off the bucket list – namely winning the 2018 Secondary School Nationals with Sacred Heart College and being named in the NZ U17’s and U20’s squads. Kingsley is one of our development coaches, eager to start on the community coach pathway, and wants to share his knowledge with tomorrow’s up and coming Lilywhites. He is currently coaching a range of programmes with our 7th to 10th grade players.



Jake Moosbally

As one of our younger player coaches, Jake came to Suburbs in 2017 following an upbringing at rival club Onehunga Sports. Jake made the move to Suburbs to play Senior level football, and quickly became a regular starter in teams such as our National Youth League squad. Jake is working hard to balance his commitments as a player and coach, whilst being a senior at Sacred Heart College, and is determined to contribute to the development of our junior players. Jake is currently running our 7th and 8th grade development programmes.



Campbell Strong

Newly inducted in to the Eastern Suburbs coaching ranks, Campbell comes to us with a range of playing experience across ESAFC and Sacred Heart College teams. At the young age of 16, Campbell has an impressive and ongoing playing history taking on his second season in the ISPS Handa National League, as well as being named captain in 2017 for the NZF U17's All Whites squad. Campbell chose to give coaching a go as a way of giving back to the club, wanting to help to develop and encourage our young future Lilywhites. He already has a great understanding of the hard work it takes to compete at a high level, and is now keen to share this with his players. This season Campbell is working with a range of our junior development groups.



Leon van den Hoven

Following a year on a Professional contract in the Netherlands, Leon returns to Eastern Suburbs in 2019 as a part of our National League team. Still young, Leon has already competed in two NZF All Whites age-group campaigns and is currently involved in his second ISPS Handa Premiership. As an upcoming coach, Leon has been working alongside Hoani Edwards to learn the Eastern Suburbs way and has plans to begin on the coach development pathway.


Women’s Programme


Mauro Donoso

  • OFC/NZF B License (Part 1 Completed)


Mauro has been with Eastern Suburbs for a number of years, currently overseeing a range of our girls development programmes. Mauro has a passion from football and enjoys working with different players to gauge the best way for them to develop in to the best that they can be. He is also a strong mentor and always offers guidance for our young coaches in the club - an aspect which has contributed to the strength of the coaches within our girls & women's programme. He has currently led our NRFL Women's Premier team to 2nd place two seasons running. This season Mauro is coaching our 12th and 13th grade girls teams, as well as working with our top Women's squad.



Phill Pickering-Parker

  • OFC/NZF C License


Phill is a highly respected figure in the game in New Zealand, due to his ability to connect with players of all ages – both male and female. His passion for the game has seen him commit huge hours in driving football within the Maori community. Phill is regarded as one of the leading technical and skill coaches across the country, having been the lead coach of the Coerver Academy for 6 years before coming to Suburbs. Currently he is the Lead Coach & Mentor for OFC’s Football Academy and has taken the Head Coach role for a number of NZ Maori international games (both men and women. At Suburbs Phill is working with 11th Grade Boys, 16th Grade Girls, and our Women’s Premier/Reserves sides.



Rebekah Van Dort

  • OFC/NZF C License (Part 1 Completed)


Rebekah has a rich playing background and is the current captain of our NRFL Women’s Premier team. She was an integral part of Mt Albert Grammars reign as the top school in women’s football from 2012 – 2015, and was part of the team which won 4 Auckland Titles & 3 National Championships. As a coach, Rebekah has already made her mark by leading the 12th grade girls to the AFF title, and is now looking to share her knowledge with a greater range of female players. Rebekah is an aspirational role model for our young female players, having taken a starting role in the AFF National Women’s League team, and knows what it takes to be dedicated and play at a high level. This season, Rebekah is overseeing our 12th and 14th grade girls programmes.


Beth Rattray

  • NZF Junior Level 3
  • NZF Youth Level 2


Beth is another one of our coaches who has always been Suburbs through & through, playing with us from 2001 – 2014, and beginning her coaching career with us in 2013. As an outstanding young player, Beth played all the way through to Premier Reserve level before injury ended her time on the field. Unable to stay away from the game, Beth then rededicated her passion towards coaching with the intentions of developing young female players in to the best athletes that they can be. Beth is also our resident referee, with a large understanding of the game and allocations now to referee at National Level. Beth is keen to continue her development as a coach so that she can continue to give back to players coming through, and is currently looking to complete her OFC/NZF C License. This season Beth is working with our 10th grade girls, 10th grade boys, and 13th grade girls.



Tayla O’Brien

  • NZF Junior Level 3
  • NZF Youth Level 2


Tayla has a true passion for football and has played since age 5. This journey has taken her to two U20 World Cups where she represented New Zealand with distinction. Taking a break from our NRFL Women’s Premier side and her FFDP commitments, Tayla has dedicated the past season to furthering her aspirations as a coach – aiming to pass on her knowledge and experience to young female players looking to follow in her footsteps. Tayla is another one of our inspirational young role models, looking to develop her abilities as a coach and impart her wisdom on the future generation of Lilywhites. She is currently working with our 11th and 14th Grade Girls.



Darcey Pead-Kingdon

  • NZF Junior Level 3


Darcey began as a development coach in 2015 under the mentorship of Juan Roman, and has an obvious passion and ability as a coach. Darcey has played at Eastern Suburbs right from age 6, where she has made the top team in each age group and is now firmly fixed in our Senior Women’s Development squad. Darcey also has a role in the Epsom Girls Grammar A team, taking out Golden Boot in 2017 and the ESAFC Golden Boot in 2018. Darcey enjoys spending time out on the pitch, be it playing, coaching, or even grabbing a whistle, and her passion is evident in the way that she interacts with her players. This season Darcey is working with a range of age groups, including 7th/8th Grade Development, 9th Grade Girls, and 12th Grade Girls.



Kaitlyn Hunter

  • NZF Junior Level 2


Kaitlyn began playing at Suburbs at age 5, and has now been a member with us for 14 years. Clearly passionate about her football, she has also played a key role in the Glendowie College 1st XI Football Team since the young age of 13. Kaitlyn enjoys being a part of Eastern Suburbs and is always looking to extend her knowledge, both as a player and coach, by taking all opportunities that arise. In 2019, Kaitlyn is hoping to add another coaching qualification to her belt as she looks to better support the young players that she works to develop. Kaitlyn is currently working with our 9th and 10th Grade Girls teams.



Ruby Nathan

  • NZF Junior Level 1


Ruby is one of our development coaches, beginning on the coaching pathway in 2019. She has already completed her first coaching course and is looking on to the next one as she aspires to give back to young players starting on their football journey. At such a young age, Ruby already has a rich playing history – this season she looks to move in to our 16th grade girl’s development squad, as well as continuing her time with the Baradene College team. She has also taken the field a number of times already as a representative for Auckland Football Federation in both Football and Futsal, and looks to continue on this player pathway. This season Ruby has started her coaching with our Kick Starter groups, working to develop a passion for football in players aged 4 to 6.


Olivia Page

  • NZF Junior Level 1


Olivia is also starting her coaching journey this year after playing with Suburbs for 6 years ongoing. As she is still young, Olivia has big playing dreams as she looks to train hard and play at the highest level available to her. Since starting her coaching however, she is keen to develop a balance of her own football and her time developing new players coming through. Olivia has already had a number of exciting football achievements, including playing for the AFF Weir Rose Bowl winning team, being named as Captain and MVP for her AFF futsal age group team, and competing in year 9 for the Baradene Premier Futsal team. This season Olivia will be working with our 4th to 6th Grade Kick Starters programme.


Michael Poulopoulos

  • Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma


Michael is a new coach to the club and brings with him a passion and attitude like no other. He is enthusiastic and has a real love for the game - something which is clearly evident in his sessions with the players. Having come to us from Sacred Heart 1st XI as a player, and then the Coerver Academy via Papakura FC as a coach, Michael has a great knowledge on building skill and technical ability in his players. He sees his players not just as athletes, but also as developing young people, and is intent on improving their ability to tackle life both on and off the pitch. Michael is currently working with our 11th grade girls group.


specialist coaches


Sunz Singh

  • Post Graduate Degree in Exercise Science, currently a Master’s Degree candidate


Sunz is our resident Strength & Conditioning (S&C) coach, working with players from 7th grade right up to our National League and NRFL Premier squads. Sunz is a well-recognised name in his field, and has come to contribute to many high-achievers in a number of sports. His passion for football sees him work with a number of New Zealand All Whites and Ferns, as well as international players who have sought him out specifically. Sunz has a clear passion for knowledge and is always seeking to increase his understanding of the way the human body can be developed. This is clear in his sessions, especially when dedicated to individual players and the ways that they can reach their sporting dreams through his programmes.


Nik Nikolic

  • UEFA C License


Nik is our Goal Keeping coach and works across the club at all age groups. He most prominently takes a seat on the bench with our ISPS Handa National League staff, working with our most elite players. Nik’s understanding of Goal Keeping comes from an extensive professional playing history which spans close to 20 years. Nik took the field across 5 continents of professional football as both a Goal Keeper and also a Striker. Its this which provides him a unique understanding of what it takes to be a skilful goal keeper. His most inspiring moment was during his Champions League career where he played against the likes of AC Milan and UEFA A League Winners Red Star Belgrade. This season Nik is again working across the club from our 9th grade keepers just starting out to our NRFL Premier Men’s & Women’s players.