Rules and Regulations

By becoming a member of ESAFC you agree to abide by the rules and regulations set out by the executive committee. These include abiding by our child protection policy outlined here. Adhering to the code of conduct outlined by NZF here. Adhering to the rules and regulations set out for inhouse competitions as outlined on each grade page for each grade. For example: Bad language or bad behaviour is not tolerated.The club does not tolerate dirty play or poor sports - this includes parents and supporters. Any parent displaying behaviour deemed unacceptable by the ESAFC executive committee risks removal from the club along with the child he / she is responsible for. This is at the sole discretion of the ES
AFC executive committee.
All Senior players and teams are not permitted to drink alcohol in or around the changing rooms. Any players or teams caught drinking in or around the changing rooms will have a minimum of 1 game automatically defaulted for their team, unless the club executive decide otherwise.
The main method of communication for ESAFC is via email. You understand that the option to unsubscribe from club communications may not be available to you until the completion of the winter season. 
It may be necessary at some stage in order to facilitate improvements to Council owned facilities used by the club (grounds, floodlights, changing facilities, clubrooms) that the club make submissions on its individual members behalf. This is the system the Auckland Super City uses to assess support for projects. ESAFC will always prior to making a submission on your behalf contact you by email with the exact document to be submitted, and you are able to reply to us and opt out of that process should you wish.  The projects the club is wanting support will be outlined on our website.
At times the club will email you information relating to projects we are trying to get council support for, or information about potential council members. We may also email you offers on behalf of our sponsors, in order to meet obligations to sponsorship commitments. Never at any time will will the club pass on your contact details directly to a sponsor.