The Webber Brothers, Andrew & Mark


A young Andrew Webber in his junior Eastern Suburbs team (1990), A young Mark Webber in his junior Eastern Suburbs team (1990),    The Eastern Suburbs team for the 2006 Chatham Cup final.



                  Mark Webber, 2006                                             Eastern Suburbs line-up just before the Chatham Cup final kick off, 2006



Eastern Suburbs AFC men’s premier team re-established as one of the strongest Auckland and New Zealand football clubs during the decade following the late 1990’s. Two brothers: Andrew and Mark Webber were crucial to our re-emergence as a powerhouse football club. The Webbers could be counted on for ‘top’ performances game after game in their understated ‘non-show pony’ manner. Mark & Andrew’s contributions, in both appearances (combined 452 Lilywhite caps) and goals (combined they scored 165 times for Eastern Suburbs) cannot be under-estimated as Eastern Suburbs bounded up the tiers of Auckland’s football divisions to the Premier Division in 2000, and were once again a team to be reckoned with in the Chatham Cup.


Andrew and Mark were local lads who came through the Eastern Suburbs grades. They had only played for one club: Eastern Suburbs, but such was their quality and profile it is highly likely both were courted by what were then more fancied clubs during our re-building era, however it’s testimony to their loyalty they were never played in another clubs kit. Unsurprisingly both Webbers played in the Auckland Grammar 1st X1 from an early age. On a number of occasions the Webber’s were called on to play for our premier team while they were still at Grammar, which meant after the final whistle sounded for their 1st X1, they would ‘race’ to the ground where Suburbs were playing and take the field as a Lilywhite!


Mark Webber (1998, 2000 – 2012): 249 Lilywhite caps. 46 goals

Andrew Webber: (2000 – 2001) 203 Lilywhite caps. 119 goals