HeadStart @ ESAFC


At Eastern Suburbs we partner with HeadStart Coaching to give our players the opportunity to develop themselves as better football players and as well-rounded people.

Run by New Zealand All White and Psychology graduate Francis de Vries, HeadStart connects football training with mental skills training through on field and online sessions which develops young players:

  • Footballing ability and performance
  • Mindset
  • Well-Being

In this way we go beyond normal training, incorporating the development of the entire person in our sessions through teaching mental skills alongside football skills. Examples of mental skills include:

  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Focus

Developing and improving mental skills allows young athletes to better express their physical skills and succeed on the pitch, whilst also giving them a set of transferable skills to help them thrive in all other areas of life.


For HeadStart @ ESAFC Programme Information click here

Get in touch to learn more: https://www.headstartcoaching.co.nz/

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