Game Day Information


Commencing Saturday 4th May 2024 and finishing Saturday 7th September 2024.

No play for all in-house teams on 31 May / 1 June (King’s Birthday), 12/13 July (School Holidays), or 20/21 July (School Holidays)

9th Grade Teams will play two back-to-back 20-minute games on Saturday mornings at Madills Farm.

  • 9th Grade Boys: Game 1 at 11:50am and Game 2 at 12:15pm
  • 9th Grade Girls: Game 1 at 10am and Game 2 at 10:25am

9th Grade Boys Games are played with approximately 7 team members on 1/4 of a field, with silver goals and a size 4 ball.

9th Grade Girls Games are played with approximately 5 team members on 1/6 of a field, with smaller yellow goals and a size 4 ball.

All teams are allocated by the grade coordinators. Team requests can be made on your registration form, but please be aware that you may not always get your requested team.

PLEASE NOTE that teams may request a maximum of 7 players in the girls only competition and a maximum of 9 players in the mixed/boys competition. If your team lists more than this the club may reallocate a player at random to a team in need of players. We cannot guarantee that your team will all be put together however our VOLUNTEER grade coordinators will do their best depending on player and team numbers.


Please refer to the 9th Boys Rules and 9th Girls Rules for game day etiquette.


Each in-house team requires volunteers for coach and manager, with other parents rostered to set up and take down the goals. We encourage teams to organise their own training sessions throughout the week to prepare for game day.

All parents/spectators (excluding coach) are expected to stay outside of the lines of the full-size field during games to avoid damage to the grounds.


Players taking part in the ESAFC Academy or Development Programmes are selected into NRF teams each season. These teams compete against other clubs in a relevant NRF (Northern Region Football) Competition.

Players can be selected for these teams whilst also continuing with their in-house games, or may decide to only play in their NRF team.

2024 NRF season commencing 27th/28th April 2024 and finishing 28th/29th  September 2024.

9th Grade Boys and Girls Teams typically play on Saturday mornings in the Central/Eastern area of Auckland, however may be required to travel further at higher tiers of the competition for the appropriate challenge point. NRF Games take place on Saturday mornings with flexible kick-off times between 9am-11am

Some development teams in 9th Grade may compete in the ESAFC 10th Grade In-House Competition instead of an NRF Competition, depending on ability and best-fit. 10th Boys In-House play at Glover Park at 1:30pm, and 10th Girls In-House play at Glover Park at 12:30pm.

For fixtures or more information about Northern Region Football click here

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